1-Page Websites | A Stepping Stone

Make a Great Impact with a Small Website

Websites are an easy and effective way to reach a larger audience and help potential customers find your business. For small businesses that don’t yet have a web presence or a large marketing budget, one-page websites are a good first step. You can feature it on social media, local directories, and print materials to gain direct and referral traffic. You can make your investment worthwhile by choosing a Web Development Company like Greenlight Designs. We’ll create a compelling one-page design that can be built upon when you’re ready to dive into online marketing strategies. If you’d like to discuss a quote for a custom WordPress Website, contact us! Keep reading to learn more.

Design Checklist: What to Include

Whether you’re selling a product or local service, there are several essential elements to include in your design:

Quality Imagery – you’d be surprised the effect good imagery has on a user. If at all possible, high resolution photos of your business, staff, products, etc. are always the best option; but more often than not, professional photography is not in the budget. In these instances, stock imagery will work as well; just make sure they accurately depict your product and service offerings. Most importantly, you want the first image users see – often filling the space above the fold – to immediately indicate what you are offering and feature a call to action.

Contact Information & Form – the key to high conversion rates is encouraging potential customers to contact you as well as making it easy for them to do so. You can do this by prominently displaying your phone number on the site as well as including a contact form.

Location – it’s also important to help users find you; and/or let them know what areas you serve. If you have a store front or office users can visit, you’ll want a Google Map embedded in your design as well as your address prominently displayed. If you don’t have a storefront or operate out of your home, include a short list of areas you service instead.

Featured Offerings – among everything your website can include, clearly portraying your product or service offerings is absolutely vital. This can be done in images and text. Whether you’re selling one product or multiple services, they need to be organized in a user-friendly manner.

Navigation – you may be thinking ‘why do I need navigation if there is only one page?’ One page can contain a lot of information, and like any website, you want users to quickly and easily find exactly what they’re searching for. Your designer will decide what is best for user experience, be it a meu at the top of the page or sidebar – each can accomplish the same task; jumping a user to the section of the page that matches the link.

Why Choose Greenlight Designs as Your Web Developer

Beyond offering affordable web design services, there are numerous reasons to choose Greenlight Designs. We develop WordPress websites, so you can easily expand your 1-page website as soon as you’re ready. We’ll also help you set up local map listings on Google and Bing to more easily reach your local audience. Furthermore, our digital marketing specialists will be happy to help you promote your website with SEO when you have the budget available. Give us a call or contact us online for a quote on your one-page website.