Project Description

Brand Videography Services Waterford, WI

We offer brand videography services in SE Wisconsin. Whether you’re promoting a product, your business, or even your personal brand; Greenlight Designs is the right choice for video work!

Vlogging & video branding are the newest trends and they’re here to stay! Videos are the most popular form of sharing right now. The use of professional branding videos and vlogging (video blogging) is a great source of marketing and networking. These brand style videos get you noticed and shared, expanding your network beyond simple photos, posts, and written blogs.

Attention spans are short – you need to catch your viewers attention with creative and unique content fast. Properly filmed and edited videos are the #1 way to do that right now.

Vlog Intro Video by Greenlight Designs

Greenlight Designs created this awesome Vlog Intro Video for Jordan Karweik of Karweik Insurance in Waterford, Wisconsin. We are able to find the best ways to highlight unique and engaging factors that get the viewers attention fast and keep it through to finish. We use a range of videography techniques with drone, ground, and point of view footage and transition them all flawlessly into a video you want to watch again and again.

Videos Sell Your Brand

Greenlight Designs brings a unique videography style to the table that helps you market yourself and your brand. We make branding videos that can be shared on a range of social media platforms. Brand videos give your viewers a front row, cinematic view of what you represent and what you aim to deliver to them. Sparking interest is the first step – keeping that interest is second nature when it comes to our branding videos.

Project Details

Who: Jordan Karweik

What: Vlog Intro Video

Where: Waterford, WI

When: 2018

Vlog Editing Services – Our Video Editing Gurus Can Enhance Your Personal Brand

We did more than create an awesome vlog intro for Jordan, we edit his weekly video blogs too. If you’re looking to promote your personal brand, vlogging is an easy and engaging way to reach audiences on YouTube, Instagram, & more. You can shoot the vlog video yourself and our videography gurus will turn your footage into an experience that entices more likes and follows from web users. We’re always happy to provide professional videography services when you have an event or vision you need help capturing.

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